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Fire Awareness Training

October 2006 saw the introduction of  legislation which placed legal duties on employers and persons responsible for commercial buildings to manage fire risks. Known as the “New Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005”, responsible persons will have to carry out a fire risk assessment and ensure plans are in place to both prevent and reduce the risk of fire.


To provide delegates with sufficient skills and knowledge to enable them to undertake the role of Fire Warden.


None. This course is designed for people with little or no experience of Fire Management or as a refresher for those previously trained in fire awareness.


There is no examination with this course. All those in attendance will receive certificates.

Who will benefit

  • Those involved in the undertaking or assisting with fire risk assessments.
  • Those chosen to play the role of Fire Warden within their Company
  • Persons requiring to know how to safely use a Fire Extinguisher

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the current legal requirements to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Information to consider in undertaking a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Understand the importance of record-keeping
  • How to Manage an Emergency Evacuation Procedure.
  • Day by Day role of the Fire Warden
  • Identify each Class of Fire & which Type of Extinguisher to use on each Class.
  • Practical “Hands on” use of Extinguishers.


1) Brief Introduction to UK Health and Safety Law

  • Statute and Civil Law
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

2) Principles of Fire Risk Assessment

  • The legal requirement to undertake Risk Assessments
  • 5 Steps of Risk Assessment
  • Fire Triangle
  • Fire Hazard identification
  • Understanding “reasonably practicable”
  • Risk Rating “Likelihood X Severity”
  • Fire control measures

3) Recording the Findings

  • The legal requirement to record findings
  • Communicating the findings
  • Monitoring and review

4) Role of the Fire Warden

  • How to plan for and manage an Emergency Evacuation Procedure
  • Taking a Roll Call
  • Undertaking a sweep of the building
  • Daily requirements of the Fire Warden

5) Use of Fire Extinguishers

  • Classification of Fires
  • Different type of Extinguishers
  • Practical Session
  • Questions and Answers


Bespoke courses can be run at the premises of your choice.  This allows us to focus on your risks and can involve some practical work.


The average cost of this course run in the south-east is £375 + vat.  This will allow for up to 8 delegates and will include training handouts and training certificates for all in attendance.

This also includes the use of a water and C02 extinguishers which we provide.

How to confirm a booking

To confirm a booking either contact our office on 01444 228 156 or email anthony.birch@bennettchristmas.com.